Such an honor to reflect on these first-year numbers...

Giving pause for reflection is a wonderful pastime.  THANK YOU to all of you who've listened and supported. 

Well, I’m officially giddy. Stoked. Encouraged. Humbled…and Grateful. 

They say there is a first time for everything. And you never forget it. Count this as one of those life moments. 

Not long ago, I began this journey and trust fall of sorts during a tumultuous time in my life. After singing and playing in so many ways with music for years, I finally started writing with my own voice. Recognizing that I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and carrying the pain of not knowing how to handle losing my closest friend of my lifetime, I dove in head first to work through and endure that storm that was/is like none I’d ever seen in my life. I burrowed myself under the small shelter of my music and the outlet it so graciously provided. Then life changed again before that storm had any chance to settle, and we all endured the COVID days of isolation and (more) uncertainty. The music I had and words I had to say fed parts of me that I didn’t know how else to sustain or heal otherwise. As those headwinds subsided some, another storm hit this year when my family suddenly and unexpectedly lost my amazing father. Once again, the gift he shared and passed on to me and my family has carried me through days I couldn’t see beyond the hours I was trying to get through just to see the next one. 

I was one of the “lucky” ones who released a record in (very late) 2020. It happened to be my first. 2022 was my first full year playing shows to support it. And a lot of shows and songs have come about since that release. But days like this take me back through a very long road to here. Filled with heartache, sadness, joy, frustration, learning, forgiveness, mistakes, successes, regret, smiles, long nights and lack of sleep, and a lot of grace. I am admittedly not whole yet. I don’t know when I will be again. I have high hopes and God willing I’ll see those days again. But with the bad, there is good. After the storms, there is sunshine. And man, you all know how much I love sunshine. 

So thank you to all of you. All who’ve listened, been a part of this journey, come to shows, shared meals, laughter and tears, bought tickets, sang along, been the first to buy merch, texted me pictures of songs playing on your radio, played in the band, gave me a place to sleep while traveling, and supported me in all the ways only friends and family (real or extended) can. This is one heck of a starting point for a first “wrapped year,” so thank you again for this support and encouragement. I’ll keep at it and keep working to be a man worthy of your time, and to be someone you are all proud of. Especially you, dad. 

I'll see you for the next one, or at a show. But just be sure to say hello. The “us” and the sharing are the best parts of this life. 

Thank you! 

(Sneak preview: I have been in the studio lately and am putting the finishing touches on a new record this month. Can’t wait to share it with you!) 

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