It's a new week.

It all starts tonight at RuRu's @ 6pm.  That patio space, menu and good tequila...hard to beat.  Just might be what you need to get through your 2nd Monday of the week (after the Tuesday holiday).  

I'm baaaack.

It's been a little while, but I am psyched to be gracing the halls of The Unknown Brewing Co.'s taproom once again.  Love these guys, their beer, staff, and ambitious approach to brewing and, well, life in general. Should be…

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Weekend of music...

Warm weather is here.  Let's mix up the sets to reflect summer.  See you out?  


Great sound last night at JSam's.

Longer sunlight hours, mild weather night, made for decent night of music. The sound in the room was excellent.  A room full of attentive and appreciative people always helps too.

A couple of shows this week...

JSam's is a nice spot if you haven't been before.  Great lounge wine bar scene in the heart of South Park's Piedmont Town Center.  Village Tavern has quite possibly the best outdoor courtyard patio space in all of Charlotte...and a…

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John's Place was a good time!

Great patio space with a great staff and bar and restaurant.  Met some great people while tripping through the music of the past 6-7 decades of music.  A solid spot!