His Story

Music is a way we communicate when words just aren’t enough. Nathan not only communicates songs that speak to personal experiences but also songs that echo everyday life. Just the kind of music for the long winding road and weekend drives. He’s a storyteller and his music is honest, hopeful… pulling at the core of us in ways that keep us looking up.

Born and raised in Southern California, and living much of his life in San Diego, all while seeing much of the country in between as an Army brat moving from coast to coast, Nathan is a literal blend of California and Carolina in style and sound.  Being exposed to classic songwriters and their music as a kid, fronting bands of a variety of genres, and writing for and playing on records for others, Nathan recently turned to focusing his songwriting voice exclusively for his own music.  

Delivered with a distinct baritone resonance, his diverse experiences, travels, and sunny introspection create a musical perspective that can be described as a “hopeful honesty.". That perspective was officially put on display in November 2020 as he recently released a studio album (EP) titled "Ready, Set, Let Go."  

Nathan is a likable favorite and is increasingly playing up and down the east coast in places like ATL, Boston, DC, and others. His followup record is currently in mixing and is set to be released in May, 2023, and work has already begun to track yet another record this year.   

Since moving to Charlotte in 2007, he has settled into the local Charlotte scene, finding a comfort zone in playing acoustically and performing both solo to full band shows and booking for venues all around the city, as well as playing shows to support local and touring acts.  Nathan takes pride in the opportunity to share a love for the music of many decades while bringing it to audiences with an attention to detail and execution in instrumentation and sound. With diverse and enjoyable setlists, venues around Charlotte routinely welcome and acknowledge the fresh approach and premier professionalism to their venue that comes with each performance.

He’s a West-Coast man with southern charm, playing shows in and around the Charlotte region for Sofar Sounds, Tosco Music Party, Charlotte Is Creative, East Coast Entertainment, Charlotte City Partners, Queen City Nerve, and regional festivals.

Typically booking 1-3 months out, reach out to him TODAY to schedule a show.  On occasion, he may be available on short notice if you have an immediate need.  Whatever your event, venue, or occasion, he'll be sure that you receive great live music, with distinction.  

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