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Packed week this week!

Being ambitious and hitting some shows THE DAY of getting my cast off my broken wrist.  Wish me luck!  (Fingers crossed, lol.)


I am BACK!  Healthy again, and playing live shows like the good lord intended!  SOO happy to be able to do this again.  Come join me!  


I'll be better eventually...but until then, I am not able to perform anywhere while I work to recover.  Thanks!

The day AFTER Christmas Day...

It's a post-Christmas event to come and cut loose and break away.  

Bring your best new Christmas gear, holiday cheer, and out of town relatives and friends.  It gonna be a good time!

2 Days Until...

LIVEStream event with ERIC MAUST.  Trading songs, Christmas tunes, and more.   

Find the stream at: 

Great day out there.

Let's go have some fun at this fantastic indoor/outdoor space with wonderful staff and cocktails.  


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The Cover-19 pandemic event has devastated the music industry, venues, and artists. To date, I've lost 78 shows and the revenue that comes with it. Help is greatly appreciated! I have stayed busy during these times of ZERO paid shows. Playing for cancer survivors, shut-ins at home via online streaming, etc.! Help me continue!

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